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Your Carpet Landfill Alternative

Texas Carpet Recycling is the only local, full service landfill diversion alternative for commercial carpet. TCR offers end–users, dealers, and mills an efficient local alternative to expensive, unsustainable landfills. Our job is to find a home for your old carpet, no matter the fiber or backing type. Pricing varies based on the services needed, so give us a call at 817–552–1011 for a free quote. It is important to note that the prices are based on TCR processing ALL carpet types. No other reclamation center can make that claim. Below is a list of services we offer:

Services Available

Fiber Testing

It is important to know what type of carpet you want to divert from landfill. Not sure what type you have on the floor now? We employ the most advanced fiber ID technology available today to give instant readings. To test your carpet we need a clean, dry piece a minimum of 12″ square.

Trailer/Container Service – Our most popular service

Instead of renting dumpsters to throw your carpet away, call TCR to provide you with a 48′ trailer on site. This trailer will hold approximately 5,000 yards of carpet, which would fill about three, 30–yard dumpsters. For smaller jobs, we can provide 20′ and 40′ containers.

Full service removal/reclamation

Too busy to worry about removal/reclamation? Let TCR provide full service removal and landfill diversion services so you can concentrate on the installation of your project. Service includes carpet removal, delivery to the collection center, sorting, baling, and recycling or diverting from landfill. Final certificate will be sent to client after final weight is taken and invoice is paid.

Pick-Up service

We provide pick up services for your smaller carpet jobs. Carpet must be palletized, shrink–wrapped and loaded by client. There will be an hourly labor charge added to your invoice if TCR loads the carpet.

Drop-Off Service

Call us at 817–552–1011 to arrange an appointment to drop off your carpet at our warehouse. Our crews will separate the carpet by fiber type so it can be processed according to fiber and backing. Carpet is weighed and then baled into 8′ bales and processed. Upon payment of the invoice, we will send you a certificate with the weight and final location of the reclaimed carpet.

Large Projects

Call us if you have a large project. In some cases we can offer rebates back to lower the overall cost depending on the type of carpet.

Specification Writing

Let us help you write a spec that includes alternatives to disposal.

  • Dry, no wet carpet or pad
  • Rolled or palleted by single material type (old, new, pad)
  • Maximum 4 feet for width of carpet in rolls. Carpet should be rolled carpet side out.
  • Stack in trucks horizontally across the width of the truck
  • Carpet tile to be palletized a minimum of 4′ high and shrink–wrapped
  • Rolls can be tied with string or twine (no duct tape)
  • No tack strips, nails, staples or knife blades
  • No wet glue, debris, drywall, refuse, rocks or caked mud
  • Minimal loose dirt
  • Absolutely no co–mingled refuse accepted

What you get in return

  • Environmental Stewardship Certificate.
  • Texas Carpet Recycling plants one tree for every ton of carpet processed through our partnership with American Forests. Every 90 days we plant an average of 500 trees!
Please call 817-552-1011 to set up an appointment for delivery.