Recycling Services

Texas Carpet Recycling
Your carpet landfill diversion company

Texas Carpet Recycling is the first and only full-service carpet landfill diversion company in the state of Texas. We offer dealers, contractors, end users and carpet mills a financially viable alternative to throwing away your carpet.

Architects, builders, and owners: do you want to write a spec requiring carpet to be recycled?

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How it works

  1. Call 817-552-1011 to speak with one of our sales reps or email us at
  2. Determine the service you would like to receive (listed below)
  3. Watch us help you save money, contribute to LEED points and save precious landfill space.
  4. When services are complete and paid for, we submit to you an environmental certificate denoting the weight processed.

Services Offered

  1. Turn-key Reclamation: Give us a call and watch as our TCR crews remove your existing carpet and keep it out of the landfill. This is our most popular service and prevents third parties from having to worry about handling the carpet. Rates based on a price per yard for take up and recycling.
  2. Trailer Service: Have a job and labor source already? Call us and we will drop a trailer at your job site or warehouse if you are a dealer, end-user, demo company or contractor. We pick up the trailer and sort it at our facility. Rates based on a flat rate price per trailer load.
  3. Drop-Off Service: Want to handle the carpet yourself? Simply call to arrange a drop off at our Grapevine, TX facility and we will receive, sort and weigh the product. Rates based on a price per ton.
  4. Pick-Up Service: Have carpet ready to go at your dock? Give us a call and we will pick up the product for you. Rates based on a price per ton + pick up fee.

And remember – no matter what type or size of carpet you have, we guarantee that all old carpet will be kept out of the landfill. That means you save money, you save material, and you save the environment. It’s easy!