Texas Carpet Recycling wins STAR Award

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Texas Carpet Recycling, a subsidiary of Corporate Floors, was recognized as a leader in recycling and sustainability at the 2011 State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) Leadership Awards.

The Rick Fuszek Memorial Award is given to the business that “shows leadership among staff, peers, and/or co-workers; has a commitment to recycling above and beyond the scope of job responsibilities, and displays significant accomplishments in recycling and how those accomplishments impact others,” noted Mala Corbitt, STAR’s director. Accepting the award for Texas Carpet Recycling was the company’s president and CEO, Thomas Holland.



All about VCT Recycling

Many ask how how VCT is recycled and what can be taken back. After all, VCT is typically in bad shape when it is removed from the floor of a job site. That’s ok! With our partnership with Tarkett, we can accept any VCT as long as it meets the receiving requirements as posted on our website.  In short, the product must be light in color, no dark colors or accent stripes and it must be free of black mastic and asbestos.   Regular adhesive is ok as Tarkett has an exclusive process to remove this adhesive in their process.  Also the VCT should not have any other debris attached.

So how does it work? Simply give us a call or fill out the reclamation price request form on our website.  Once we get the project registered and pricing approved, we will send you some Supersacks. These are large, very heavy duty sacks capable of holding up to 1,500 lbs each. Just have your crew put the sack on a pallet, fill it up and tie is off. Each sack should be labeled with the name of the job site, date and name of company removing the product.  Once you have all the pallets ready, we will come pick them up, you can drop them off or we can put a trailer on site!

VCT recycling is an important component of LEED certification as it is a heavy product so it contributes to the C&D recycling portion of your LEED calculation.   If you have any other questions about this, give us a call!

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